How To Set Up Security Cameras

Security systems are installed to deter criminals and burglars from an area or for keeping an extra eye when there is no one within the compound. Purchasing a security system is a worthy investment that you should make. You will start reaping its benefits immediately after installing it.

However, the process of setting up and maintaining your security systems could become messy if you do not have the technical skills required. You do not have to worry if you do not have the required skills. There are some ground rules which you can follow to make the process easier.

The following tips will be beneficial when you reinstalling or setting up your new security cameras

Setting up and placement

Getting the angles right

The angles set will depend on the intended use. You should place your cameras on the front doors if you are interested in manning your roads during vacations. These cameras should be placed over the kid’s cot if you are interested in keeping an eye on your sleeping baby.


You are also advised to install some cameras on your backyard especially if the area is covered by long shrubs or tall trees. It is critical to ensure that all the important areas are being captured and recorded by setting your cameras at the right angles. For instance any camera positioned at the entrance of your doors should capture a person fully; otherwise, your investment would go in vain if it is unable to capture the essential details.

Putting names on all the cameras

Your security cameras will be positioned in the various parts of your house. Confusion might arise in case all the cameras are being viewed on one screen. This means that you should give a unique name for each camera. This will make the whole system easier to view and manageable.

Monitoring and usage

Tuning on the motion sensors

Most of the modern security cameras are designed with motion sensors for tracking any suspicious activity. The motion sensors should be placed seven feet high. Again they should be facing slightly downwards. This will help to improve your camera’s motion sensing capabilities.

Customizing the setting and modes

You should ensure that the alarm setting and image recording settings have been customized after the installation process. The notification settings and the recording modes should be fine-tuned to ensure that the system is working efficiently.

Ensure that your cameras have been connected to the internet

With this connection, you can use your PC to view every nook as well as the crannies of your home even when you are on holidays or at work. This will give you a peace of mind by ensuring that your assets are well guarded at all times.