Benefits Of Boosted Testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone which is primarily produced in men’s testicles and from the adrenal glands and ovaries in women. This is the hormone responsible for the masculine characteristics in men. Women have smaller amounts of this hormone. The production of testosterone hormone is known to increase about thirty times during the early adulthood and in adolescence stage.

What is the role of testosterone in the body?

This hormone is essential in performing the following body functions

  • Improving mood and the quality of life
  • Boosting one’s sexual drive
  • Growth of pubic and facial hair
  • Development of muscle mass and healthy bones
  • Thinking ability and verbal memory

You are advised to seek medication attention when you have low testosterone levels. However, it is normal for the production of this hormone to go down as you age. The following are some of the symptoms associated with low levels of testosterone increased body fat, erectile dysfunction and decreased muscle mass.

How can you boost your testosterone levels?

The testosterone can be boosted by undergoing through a testosterone replacement therapy. Alternatively, it can be increased through the natural methods. This involves taking some foods, herbs, and vitamins which boost the production of this hormone. Some of the herbs used in stimulating the production of testosterone are yohimbe, puncturevine, Malaysian ginseng, ashwagandha, and pine bark extract. You can also take vitamins and supplements such as zinc, vitamin D, L-arginine, and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). Foods for boosting testosterone levels include oysters, egg yolks, tuna, and garlic.

The following are the main benefits of increased testosterone

More muscle, less fat

This hormone is responsible for increasing the mass of your muscles. The process of developing a leaner body mass can help in controlling your weight and increasing the energy. Low levels of testosterone can lead to a decline of fat mass in men. The effectiveness of this hormone is more realized when testosterone therapy is combined with other physical activities such as workout.

Formation and development of stronger bones

Testosterone is known for playing a key role in the build-up of the bone mineral density. However, the building up of the bone density in men decreases with age as the testosterone levels start to drop. This could lead to a risk of developing weak bones severe case osteoporosis would occur. You are required to have strong bones for supporting the internal organs and your muscles. This is helpful in boosting the performance of athletes.

Better libido

This hormone is responsible for increasing the response of men to sexual activity and arousal. Men with high levels of testosterone have a greater sexual activity than those with low levels of this hormone. That is why you will find older men suffering from erectile dysfunction and low libido.

Improved mood

Low levels of testosterone can lead to a poor quality life. Men with low testosterone are more likely to suffer from depression, irritability, and fatigue.…

Taking Care Of Your Motorbike

A motorbike which is well taken care of can last for long. Such a bike is also effective and efficient to work with. This article is going to focus on the major areas that should be addressed to ensure that your bike is maintained to the bet condition.

Motorbike tires

The state of the motorcycle’s tires plays a significant role in affecting the fuel consumption rate. It will also determine how the bike can be handled. You might have a difficult time when controlling a bike which has worn out or deflated tires. A bike with poorly maintained tires will also consume more fuel. The condition of the tire should be checked regularly to enjoy a safe ride and reduce fuel consumption. The badly worn out tires should be replaced.

Motorbike chain

A motorbikes’ chain is crucial. This is the chain used in transmitting power from the engine to the wheels. It is always rotating when the motorbike is in motion. This chain should regularly be lubricated. In fact, a chain which is poorly lubricated will tend to overheat and get damaged easily. The excessive heat produced man make the chain lose by separating the links.

A loose chain can easily fall off when someone is riding, and this can be very dangerous. It is therefore important to ensure that your chain is lubricated regularly using high-quality lubricants. Additionally, your motorbike should be taken to a mechanic regularly for inspection and tightening f its chain. The technician will help you in determining the appropriate time for replacing your chain.

Engine oil

This oil is used for lubricating the engine and the gears. It absorbs the heat produced by the engine thus keeping the engine cool. This oil will thin after some time, and it will no longer be able to perform its functions. Thin oil cannot cool or lubricate your engine properly. This means that the engine oil should regularly be replaced to avoid any damage to the engine. Your motorbike should be taken to the garage regularly to ascertain the condition of the engine oil. You can also read the engine’s manual to determine the best time for replacing your engine oil.


It would be dangerous and hazardous to ride a motorbike which has defective brakes. The condition n of the braking pads should be checked on a daily basis to ensure that they are working correctly. The brake pads should be replaced immediately once they get worn out. Again you should make sure that the pads have been replaced with high-quality ones.…

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